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What is .IMMO?

Buying a house or a property is an expensive and sometimes lifetime commitment. Therefore, business relationships and financial transactions related to the real estate market are strictly controlled. Buyers are looking for trusted information.

Today, nearly 9 to 10 recent buyers used the Internet in their home search process. But the current real estate space on Internet is inconsistent with the organization of the market in the real world. Though the application .IMMO, in collaboration with the real estate community, Starting Dot intends to enforce real estate legislations within the .IMMO domain. As a secure, controlled and industry-specific string, the .IMMO domain will become the most trusted source when searching for real estate information online.

.IMMO relates to the widely used short form "immo" meaning “real estate” in French-, German- and Italian speaking European countries. Developed since 2011 by the Starting Dot registry operator, .IMMO recieved approval by ICANN, the domain name system global authority in August 2013. 

Registration of domain names such as will start in Winter 2014.


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.IMMO Received First Community Priority Evaluation Invitation by ICANN


Europe’s Largest Real Estate Professional Organization Support the new .IMMO Domain Extension


Starting Dot announces its official application for the creation of the .IMMO top-level domain


Back from RENT, the Real Estate & New Technologies exhibition, and we are very excited to share our experience!


.IMMO Community

The .IMMO Community

.IMMO is dedicated to the community of real estate professionals who provide professional services to people and businesses for their acquisition or rental projects. "immo" is the well-known short form for the words meaning “real estate” in at least four languages: German, French, Italian and Catalan. "immo" is understood and employed by more than 200 million Internet users, mostly in the following European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

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Main partner

On July 2, 2013, STARTING DOT announced that it had already received overwhelming support for its community-designated .IMMO top level domain application from the Conseil Européen des Professions Immobilières, or CEPI (known in English as the European Council of Real Estate Professions). Created in 1990, CEPI is the main association of real estate professionals and property managers in Europe. With 25 national member associations from EU and EFTA countries, CEPI is working to connect more than 200,000 real estate professionals.

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The community-designated .IMMO top level domain has received overwhelming support from almost all the European top real estate trade associations and from other leading members from the European real estate community, such as real estate portals, leading developers and academics. You will find the list of some of .IMMO major sponsors on this page.

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